6 In 1 Kids Indoor And Outdoor Slide Swing And Basketball Football Baseball Set

6 in 1 Kids Indoor and Outdoor Slide Swing and Basketball Football Baseball Set


  • 6-in-1 function: This colorful 6-in-1 game set offers 6 functions: smooth slide, sturdy swing, basketball stand, and a set of basketball football baseball combinations, and is suitable for home and outdoor use. All activity elements are sized for toddlers.
  • Rugged: This bright and colorful 6-in-1 game set is made of durable and non-toxi HDPE material so your child can slide safely. This bright and colorful 6-in-1 game environment can accompany the child until he grows up.
  • Smooth slides and safe swings: Children's slides have a gentle slope, and easy-to-climb steps provide a smooth slide for your baby. The whole slide rail is connected smoothly without edges, suitable for baby's tender skin. The children's swing can hold a maximum of 66 pounds (with sturdy hangers). The ropes of the swing are made of high-quality materials, long enough and safe, so it is safe to swing by hand during play.
  • Basketball rack and bag: The basketball rack is designed according to European and American styles, which is very suitable for your little athlete to play basketball. You can also easily delete it when you don't want to use it.
  • Easy to assemble: This colorful 6-in-1 game set can be quickly assembled and parts can be easily assembled in just a few steps according to the instructions. Includes all necessary hardware and does not require complex tools. It will provide your children with endless adventures! They use it internally or externally. Ladder provides a safe and easy challenge for kids.

Product Details:

  • material: plastic
  • Package size: 104x51x41cm / 40.94x20.07x16.14in
  • Package weight: 15500g / 34.17lbs
  • Suitable for: 3-9 years old
  • Color: Multicolour

Package Included:

  • 1x6 in 1 sliding swing combination

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