Electronic Massage Hairbrush

Negative ions and massage: Built-in negative ion generator and vibration massage device, when open the switch, the comb will vibrate massage and release negative ions at the same time. Comb the hair while massaging your scalp, easily eliminate hair static and frizz, promote your scalp circulation. Long-term use can reduce hair loss, relieve headaches, and dizziness. Equipped with a comb teeth protective cover, can prevent the comb teeth from being damaged. Operated by 2 x AAA batteries. (Batteries are not included)

Specification: Material: ABS Power: 2 * AAA batteries (Not included) Size: 10.5 * 7.5 * 5.5 cm (Length * Width * Thickness) Color: green, pink Weight: 100g

Package Content: 1 x Hair comb