Kingsley™ Winged Corkscrew by TrueZoo

Discover a winged corkscrew that opens wine bottles with ease. Tired of removing corks with sub-par tools? Our winged corkscrew removes any cork with ease. In fact, the professional corkscrew utilizes leverage to reduce the total force needed to remove stubborn corks. The corkscrew features a sharp 5-turn worm that buries deep into the cork, without causing any crumbling. Unlike other corkscrews with sharp edges, our corkscrew is made from soft-touch plastic that feels comfortable in the hand. The stainless-steel mechanics create a durable corkscrew that will last. • 5-turn, non-stick worm • Penguin design • Stainless-steel • Easy-grip The perfect penguin gift for adults – This penguin wine opener is the ideal gift for any animal lover who is partial to a glass (or four). Along with a bottle of their favorite wine, gift this penguin wine accessory gift set to that special person in your life.

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