LED Flash braces

The sealability of Braces is better, clean and then open the light can be put on the teeth to use. In the night more scary, do not scare others to cry. Halloween, all kinds of cosplay and party must have a single product.

Product Specifications:
Name: LED Flash braces
Light-emitting toys type: LED lights toys
Applicable age: 13 years old or older
Applicable people: not limited
Features: Color light flashing mode, 4 LED lights fast turn light. Hair color light, transparent shell. The switch is located inside the braces and can be controlled.
Packing: Blister
Toy material: plastic
Weight: 25g
Size: diameter of about 5.8cm, height of 3.8cm
Battery: use two pieces button batteries, has been installed electronic, electronic can not be replaced. Sustainable light 10 hours or so, when not use,please turn off the power, and clean it.
Applicable occasions: can be applied to entertainment, parties, Halloween, outdoor parties and so on

Packaging includes:
1 * LED Flash braces

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