New Home Multifuncational Sewing Machine with 2 Speeds Double Thread for Kids Beginner


Product Introduction:
This versatile small sewing machine is a good helper for your life.It can be used to sew denim, insole, zipper, bag, curtain, etc. 12 kinds of stitches can meet any DIY needs, and you can cultivate your own hands.
What's more,the various plugs can be applied to various countries without worrying about the adaptation problem!

Multi-function sewing machine
User-friendly design concept
Select high-quality movement
12 kinds of stitches
powerful functions and lighting designed
Easy and portable
perfect sewing machine kit

1. The power supply and battery cannot be used at the same time.
2. When the battery is positive or negative, the machine will be reversed and the machine will not be able to sew when it is reversed.

Dimensions: 28x12x24cm;
Package weight:3kg;
Input current: 100-240V, 50/60Hz;
Output current: DC 6V, 1200MA;
Power: 100-240V power supply

Package Content:
1 x Overlock Sewing Machine;
1 x Power Adapter;
1 x Foot Pedal;
1 x Spare Needle;
1 x Needle Threader;
4 x Thread Spool;
1 x User Manual

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