Spittoon: Wine Tasting Dump Bucket

Invite this dump bucket to your next wine tasting party. The True Dump Bucket allows users to taste a wide array of the finest wines, without any messes or alcohol intoxication. Measuring 9.2 x 8.5 x 8.5 inches, this wine spit cup has a large size that removes the need for users to put their lips against the rim, unlike with other personal spittoons. We built a spittoon with a removable lid, which allows you to break the product down, this reusable spit cup is incredibly easy to wash and keep clean. Users don’t have to worry about stains either, as the dump bucket is made of black plastic that is resistant to stains and light damage. A fantastic gift – This personal spittoon is ideal for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, or just as a surprise gift for those who enjoy sampling the finest wines. It’s also a great gift to the host of a wine tasting event.

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