V005 RC Boat 2.4G Electric Racing Boat With Simulation Head Spoof Toy

V005 RC Boat 2.4G Electric Racing Boat With Simulation Head Spoof Toy
Mischief: Be made of resin material, simulates the head and looks more realistic, Can be used to scare people, or can simulate crocodiles to help prevent geese and other waterfowl from leaving the pond. Effectively drive waterfowl and protect the swimming pool.
Easy to operate: 2.4GHz transmitter, you'll never get any radio interference with this RC boat. 2CH operate, moving forward and backward, turn left and right, simulating the speed and movement of the real crocodile, freely flows in the water.
Low voltage protection: When the voltage is too low, the speed will drop by 40% automatically, reminding consumers to recall the remote control boat.
Very stable: Double Propeller / Water Induction Propeller Shaft, When the propeller shaft touches the water, teh boat can be quickly turned on after sensing the fluid. At the same time, the balanced double propeller is used to make the rc boat more smoothly and without fear of overturning.
Good Waterproof Performance: The charging port is equipped with a waterproof rubber plug, and the bottom of the boat is fully enclosed and waterproof.
Material: Resin + Plastic
Remote control frequency: 2.4G
Remote control distance: About 100ft
Speed: 15km/h
Remote control battery: 2×AA battery (not included)
RC boat battery: 3.7V 500MAH lithium battery (Built in)
Charging time: About 2-3h
Use time: About 15 mins
RC Boat Size: 12.6×6.7×4.7in
Remote Controller Size: 5.3×5.1×2in<br>Package List:
1×RC Boat
1×Simulation Head
1×Remote Control with Antenna
1×USB Charging Cable
1×User Manual

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